Dear Colleagues,

It is a fact that there are important deficiencies in both cardiology and other medical branches in our country, in clinical research, in methodology, in medical statistics, in writing and in applications, in article writing and in article interpretation.

In 2018, the Clinical Studies Application and Education Project Group was established with the decision of the Board of Directors of TSC in order to eliminate these shortcomings.
The main purpose of our project group is to contribute to the development of clinical research skills of our colleagues. For this purpose, our first goals are to create a common platform and to facilitate the participation of all our members in clinical studies and clinical research training meetings. We have ongoing projects with all our members, and our meeting programs are continuing in order to create a common scientific language and improve the quality of our clinical research.

TSC Clinical Studies Application adn Education Project Group Meeting (STATISTANBUL 2020), will be the first meeting of 2020’s and also it is a candidate to be the most extensive clinical research meeting ever held in our country.

Comprehensive evaluations of the topics to be discussed at the meeting will be made by experts of their fields clinicians, clinical researchers, biostatistics and epidemiologists, as well as clinical researchers and biostatistics from abroad.

Looking forward to welcoming you in the Clinical Studies Application and Education Project Group Meeting (STATISTANBUL 2020).

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kemal Erol
President, Turkish Society of Cardiology
Prof Dr. İbrahim Halil Tanboğa
President, TSC Clinical Studies Application and Education Project Group






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